Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How to Copy CDs to Sansa MP3 Player In Windows

You have your new Sansa MP3 player which will allow you to take your CD library anywhere you go, but how do you get your music on your new Sansa MP3 player? Adding your music collection to your new Sansa MP3 player is really quite simple. But first things first, you need add your music collection to your computer before adding to your Sansa Mp3 player. The steps below will explain how to rip your personal music collection from CDs to your computer. If you have already added your music collection to your computer you can skip to Step 2 "Configure Sansa MP3 Player." The following instructions is for Windows.

Step 1 - Ripping

"Ripping" is the word given to the process of taking media files from a CD and placing them on your PC. "Ripping" can be done with a variety of free software that comes on most PCs. For the example today, we will be using Window's Media Player 11.

1) Open Up Window's Media Player.

2) Grab your first CD and insert into the CD/DVD Burner Drive on your PC.

3) In Window's Media Player click on the Top Button labeled so that the drop down menu appears. Select Rip whatever album you have inserted.

4) You have successfully added your 1st CD into Window's Media Player. This new CD will be in the section of your Window's Media Player. The next step will cover adding this new media to your new Sansa MP3 Player.

Step 2 – Configure Sansa MP3 Player

1) Plug the USB 2.0 transfer cable that came with your Sansa MP3 Player into your computer. Connect the other end to your Sansa MP3 Player.

2) In Window’s Media Player Click on the Top Button labeled . This will bring you to where you "ripped" your latest CD.

3) Highlight and click all songs from the CD your selected and then drag them over to the right hand task bar. For convenience and sorting it is recommended that you name your playlist.

4) Once you have completed dragging and dropping your songs click the button.

5) Sit back, relax and listen to your music on your new Sansa MP3 Player.

Be sure to also check out our video How To Add Songs to Your Sansa MP3 Player Using Windows Media Player 11.


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